The unknown is many things to many people and there are many interpretations and ideas of what exactly the ‘unknown’ could be and what goes beyond such a concept. Myths and legends, Ancient stories, superstitions and conspiracy theories all consist and draw our minds to this idea of the Unknown and in doing so draws the attention of millions of curious and wondrous minds from across the planet.

My interest in myths comes from the want to believe there is more than just this plain boring reality

Or the belief that even the old myths were true and the thought that we in our current time just missed those exciting unbelievable times when those myths existed and now we live in this boring present

Therefore I’m here wanting to carry the stories on.

So as someone who grew up on myths, fables and superstition throughout my own life and through my family, I represent my childhood upbringing and an insight into my own third eye through my art practice, this may be noticed in my many snake like sketches and medusa artwork, relating to stories my grandmother would tell me about the Titans and the Gorgans.

Personally as well as myths and legends the ‘Unknown’ seems to also relay to nightmare sequences and what goes on beneath our subconscious for example in my coulrophobia (fear of clowns) exhibition where I created a nightmarish clown installation ‘Sleep, Scream, Wake, Repeat’ to trigger any unconscious fears people may have when they enter the room, and the installation created this sense of unknown, it was so twisted disfigured like a dream

I want to reach out and inspire my audience, I want to create that wonder and curiosity of the unknown and feed it into younger and older minds, even for those who are less knowledgeable about the myths and legends. I aim for my work to be that something that sparks the question in them ‘what else could be out there?’ I aim for my work to create curiosity in mythology and ancient stories that could keep my audience’s imaginations as young and as open as they can be.

Here superstitious minds will be kept suspicious.

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